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Osawa Lab. Osawa Lab.


Identification of novel cancer metabolites to promote cancer

Cancer cells accumulate physiologically active cancer metabolites (known as
oncotabolites) according to the extreme tumor microenvironments and
contribute to aggressiveness of canccer such as cancer proliferation, invasion
and metastasis. We aimed to identify unknown oncometabolites and examine
their roles in cancer cells.

Understanding cancer metabolism in tumor microenvironments

Cancer cells acquire malignancy in extreme tumor microenvironments such as
hypoxia, nutrient deprivation and acidic pH. Our goal is to elucidate multi-layer
cancer metabolic adaptations against carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids
that have been studied by independent paradigms.

Development of cancer therapies through comprehensive "Nutriomics"approach

Upon integration of genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome, and
metabolome data through the comprehensive “Nutri-Omics” approach, we try to
clarify the transcriptional-metabolic system in cancer cells accompanying tumor
microenvironments, leading to the development of novel anti-cancer treatments.